District Accreditation

To be the model for excellence in education
To make every student a graduate and every graduate prepared
Collaboration for Results
We believe in a collaborative environment where every individual recognizes their important role in the team effort toward achieving excellence.
Commitment to Excellence
We believe in having a strong commitment to our overall mission and to every individual.
Community Partnerships
We believe community stakeholders are important and recognize that building relationships and trust are vital to our continued success.
Continuous Improvement
We believe in the intentional process of continuous improvement in every school and department because it is the standard for excellence.
Culture of Success
We believe in a positive and caring school culture that celebrates the character, integrity, and diversity of our students and staff.
To provide the highest quality education and appropriate support for each student while meeting and exceeding all standards.
To analyze and address the influences of growth proactively.
To employ, develop, and retain highly qualified staff for all positions.
To increase family involvement and community partnerships.
To seek continuous improvement in all schools and system departments.
Communication Community Partnership Continuous Improvement Curriculum, Instruction & Assessment
Facilities Finance Governance Human Resources
Learning Supports Professional Learning Safety & Discipline Support Operations