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Summer Credit Recovery (Summer School)

For the 2013-2014 school year, Shelby County schools will operate a Credit Recovery summer school. Students failing to master the required standards have the opportunity to attend our summer school to recover that credit. If a student’s average in a class is below 40, they will not qualify for Credit Recovery and will be required to register for the full four weeks to gain credit. When students demonstrate mastery in the assigned area, they will receive the appropriate credit. There are no time requirements required for credit recovery, only mastery of standards. Students who may register for the NCAA Clearinghouse upon graduation should refer to the section labeled NCAA Non-traditional Course Guidelines. Students who intend to be NCAA Division I student-athletes should speak with their high school counselor about course recovery options and requirements.

**Driver’s Ed and Health will be offered through the Community Education Department. Contact Janet Gulledge at 682-5941 or Kay Dummier at 682-5843 for more information.
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