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Shelby County School System School Nurses

Position Name Location Phone
Head Nurse Jan Cibulski, RN, MSN SCISC Phone: 682-6552
      Fax: 682-5942
Floating Nurse Kellie Kelley, RN SCISC Phone: 682-5257

Floating Nurse Cindy McNamee, RN SCISC Phone: 682-5257

Floating Nurse Lenora Nobling, RN SCISC Phone: 682-5257

Local School Nurses: Lori Goodson, LPN Calera Elementary Phone: 682-6193

  Latarea Stoudemire, LPN Calera Middle Phone: 682-6136

  Linda Pisacano, LPN Calera High Phone: 682-5999

  Tracy Watson, RN Chelsea Park Elem. Phone: 682-6710

Cindy Allen, LPN Chelsea Intermediate Phone: 682-7222

Tonya Rodgers, LPN Chelsea Middle Phone: 682-7213

  Denise Smith, RN Chelsea High Phone: 682-7201

  Misty Edmondson, LPN Columbiana Middle Phone: 682-6688

  Jennifer Smith, LPN Creek View Elementary Phone: 682-5733

  April Rogers, LPN Elvin Hill Elementary Phone: 682-6550

  Shannon White, RN Helena Elementary Phone: 682-5415

  Christy Moore, RN Helena Intermediate Phone: 682-5489

  Jackie Burnett, LPN Helena Middle Phone: 682-5314

  Kelly Campo, LPN Inverness Elementary Phone: 682-5243

  Paula Moore, RN LNLC Phone: 682-5803

  Kathy Morgan, LPN LNLC Phone: 682-5803

  Jennifer Garrett, RN Meadow View Elementary Phone: 682-5743

  Nan Burt, LPN Montevallo Elementary Phone: 682-6423

  Tammy Walker, LPN Montevallo Middle Phone: 682-6435

  Dorothy Wilburn, LPN Montevallo High Phone: 682-6433

  Treasa Daly, RN Mt Laurel Elementary Phone: 682-7233

  Karen Greene, RN Oak Mtn. Elementary Phone: 682-5233

  Tonya Rushton, RN Oak Mtn. Intermediate Phone: 682-5223

  Beth Stone, RN Oak Mtn. Middle Phone: 682-5347

  Tammye Lantrip, RN Oak Mtn. High Phone: 682-5352

  Beverly Smith, LPN Pelham High Phone: 682-5591

  Virginia Fleming, RN Riverchase Middle Phone: 682-5513

  Floating nurses SOT Phone: 682-6551

Beth Ingram, LPN Shelby Elementary Phone: 682-6561

  Kelly Saunders, LPN Shelby Co. High Phone: 682-6632

  Kristie Tatum, MA Shelby Co. Alternative School Phone: 682-5945

  Amy McCants, LPN Thompson Intermediate Phone: 682-5723

  Brenda Adams, RN Thompson 6th Grd Ctr Phone: 682-5463

  Laurie Brinkerhoff, LPN Thompson Middle Phone: 682-5650

  Lauri Davis, LPN Thompson High Phone: 682-5635

  Lisa Brown, LPN Valley Elementary Phone: 682-5459

  Jessie Sims, LPN Valley Intermediate Phone: 682-5533

  Autumn Lamberth, LPN Vincent Elementary Phone: 682-7323

  Kristi Childers, LPN Vincent Middel/High Phone: 682-7123

  Angela Horton, LPN Wilsonville Elem. Phone: 682-6640

Updated July 19, 2011

Community Resources
Shelby County Health Department (Pelham) 205-664-2470