Columbiana Middle School Faculty & Staff

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Faculty & Staff
Administration and Office Personnel
Kerry Rush Principal Blog
Andrea Childress Assistant Principal  
Krista Smith Counselor  
Charlon Couch Bookkeeper/Office Manager  
Alicia Smitherman Interventionist  
Brandy Connell Secretary  
Amy Horton - LPN School Nurse  
Suzanne Joiner Registrar  
Library Media
Sheikla Blount Media Center Specialist Blog
Eighth Grade Team
Stephanie Boyd Social Studies, Team Leader Google Site
Brad McClaran Science Google Site
Jason Roland English Language Arts Blog
Jenny Sizelove Math Blog
Seventh Grade Team
Elizabeth Birdsong English Language Arts Google Site
Randy Evans Social Studies Blog
Stefanie Morlan Math, AD. Blog
Aron May Science Blog
Sixth Grade Team
Tara Jones English Language Arts Blog
Melissa Thom Science Blog
Robin Vincent Social Studies Blog
Crossover Teachers
Ginger Forsythe 6 & 7 Math, Team Leader Blog
Jason Mayfield 6 - 8 GRC Blog
Patsy Casella 6 & 7 Math Blog
Tracy LeSieur 7 & 8 Math Blog
Jessica Garcia Spanish Blog
Tom Grigsby Band  
Ashlyn Kuyrkendall Choir  
Virginia Thomas Business Education Blog
Jessie Tisdale Art Blog
Samantha Pursley FACS Blog
Van White Career Discoveries  
Special Education Services
Beth Coats 6th Grade Blog
Kelsey Collum 6th, 7th and 8th Site
MiMi James 7th Grade Blog
Tiara Ervin 8th Grade  
Physical Education
Curtis Gray    
Kayla Garlock   Blog
Rebecca Bryant    
Karen Lilly    
Crystal Smith    
Child Nutritional Program
Samantha Bailey CNP Manager  
Carla Hillard CNP Assistant Manager  
TJ Jones CNP Associate  
Cindy Lowery CNP Associate  

updated 9-20-17