Robotics and Automated Manufacturing Program

Contact Information

Principal - Zachary McWhorter

Career Technical Supervisor - Julie Godfrey

Phone: 205 682-6650

Fax: 205 682-6655


Robotics and Automated Manufacturing


H. High

James Hill

  • NCCER E & I and Electronics Technician Association Class B (I am in the process of finishing these now)
  • Associates Degree from Ayers Tech in Industrial Maintenance, BS from Troy in Professional Studies in Electrical Engineering Technology and Resource Management

Work Experience

  • 22 years at Southwire Company in Industrial Maintenance and Engineering

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Summary of Program

A: We offer 4 classes over 2 years, Direct Current, Alternating Current, Electromechanical Controls, and Intro to Robotics. As we complete these classes, NCCER credit for Industrial Maintenance will be earned. A student who completes our program will have the skills to work in industrial maintenance or pursue an associate’s degree from a community college because some of the classes transfer from high school to college.

Q: What are the prerequisite skills needed to begin in the program, if any:

A: None

Q: What credentials or certificates can be obtained in a 1, 2, and 3 year period in the program:


Q: What post-secondary options are available:

A: Industrial Maintenance Electronics and Instrumentation, Industrial Maintenance Mechanical, Automation Technology

Q: Where to go find more information:

A:  Work: (205) 682-6592;  Email:
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