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21st Century Learning

Our goal is to meet the needs of the 21st century learner. Our work is guided by the Framework for 21st Century Learning as outlined by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning Skills.

21st Century Learner

Twenty-First Century Student Outcomes

The elements described listed as “21st century student outcomes” (represented by the rainbow) are the skills, knowledge and expertise students should master to succeed in work and life in the 21stcentury. http://www.p21.org/

  1. Core Subjects and 21st Century Themes
  2. Learning and Innovation Skills
    • Creativity and Innovation
    • Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
    • Communication and Collaboration
  3. Information, Media and Technology Skills Information Literacy
    • Media Literacy
    • Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Literacy
  4. Life and Career Skills

Forest Oaks Elementary School continues to advance in promoting cutting edge instruction to enhance student learning. Each homeroom class is equipped with at least two networked computers. Students visit the technology lab once a week to foster technology skills and teachers promote technological integration during instruction. Sample technologies include: virtual field trips, PowerPoints, blogs, wikis, prezis, digital projectors, Microsoft Applications, digital cameras, flip cameras, document readers, flat screen TVs, scanners, and printers.