Bad Weather Procedures

In case of bad weather, if a warning is issued before school is dismissed, children will be left in the building and kept there until the warning has expired. If a warning is issued after children are loaded on the bus, they may be required to unload at the next school they arrive at and get inside and OFF the bus. If the bus is enroute, the driver will find a safe place to pull OFF the road and wait until weather conditions have cleared. The students will be instructed to be in the lowest possible position on the bus. Students will NEVER be unloaded into a ditch or culvert. They will be kept on the bus.

Kevin Snowden-Route Supervisor




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Mrs. McCullough and  Mrs. Miller are always happy to greet visitors in the Office and help with whatever your needs may be. A few pointers and reminders to keep things running smoothly: 

  • The front Office is opened from 7:10am - 4:00pm. Mrs. McCullough,  Mrs. Miller or a parent volunteer will be in the Office during these hours to answer phone calls and/or questions.  Before or after these hours, a teacher or administrator may or may not be in the Office to answer phone calls.  The Extended Day Program is open in the Gym until 6:00pm.

  • If you are visiting your child's classroom, please sign in and get a Visitor's tag before proceeding to the classroom. Visitors must be announced before going to the classroom. Be sure to return to the Office to sign out upon leaving. **  If you are signing in to go on a field trip, please do not go to the classrooms unless specifically asked to do so by your child's teacher.

  • If you are coming to meet your child for lunch, please sign in, get a Visitor's tag, and proceed to the Cafeteria and wait by the stage.  You may meet your child's class as they enter the Cafeteria.  Please return to the Office after lunch instead of your child's classroom (unless previously arranged with teacher) and sign out upon leaving.

  • If you need to check your child out, please be sure to sign them out in the Office.

  • If you bring your child to school and you arrive at school after 7:50, please come in the Office to sign your child in.

  • If your child is absent from school, please send a written note explaining the absence.  Please include child's first and last name, teacher's name, and date of absences on the note.

  • If your child is going home a different way, please send a written note to the Office.   Please include child's first and last name, teacher's name, date, and specific details of the transportation change.

  • Please check daily for lunch notices. The Office has a limited supply of "emergency funds" for lunch accounts.  If your child has to borrow money from the Office, please be sure and return the money the next school day.


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Mrs. Greene is our school nurse.  She is available to fix "boo-boos", clean cuts and scratches, give Band-Aids, check temperatures, and offer TLC.  She is the also the one who administers medication to the children.  If your child is on medication, daily or just for a short duration, please come to the Office and get a Medication Release Form  to complete for your child with the type and dose of medication required and deliver the medication to the nurse.  Mrs. Greene will keep this form on file with the medication and will administer the medication as directed.  When the medication is no longer necessary, please come to the Office and pick up any leftover medication.     !!!STUDENTS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TRANSPORT MEDICINE!!!    If your child becomes ill or injured at school, Mrs. Greene will call you to inform you and tell you whether or not you need to pick them up from school.  A child that is vomiting or has a fever may not remain at schoolPlease make arrangements as soon as possible to pick up your child.  The Nurse's Office can get very busy at times and Mrs. Greene likes to give each child and their needs as much individual attention as possible.

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