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Welcome to the OMIS Library Media Center (LMC)

Media Specialist - Sarah Williams

John M. Belk (Belk Brothers Company ~ "The more we read, the more prepared we are in today's society"

About Reading at OMIS

Reading is very important for your student's success.  No other skill shows as much impact on student success in school as their reading does.

Finding something they like to read is EXTREMELY important.

40 Book Challenge 

Students are encouraged to meet OMIS' yearly 40-book Challenge.  Students have received a sheet during library time asking them to list at least 10 books they read each 9 weeks.  We want them to try a wide variety of books in order to expand their horizons. Students have freedom to select any book they want from those genres.  The first weeks in January students will be reviewing progress and making plans for completing their 40 book challenge by May.  

Students may count ANY book they read completely from start to finish.  Books that they listen to on CD, have read to them in the classroom or at home count as well.  The book does not have to come from the OMIS Library.

Please discuss your expectations for their reading with them and

frequently discuss what they are reading with them as well as what YOU are reading.

Students are encouraged to read books from all genres.  Don't forget to look at the many e-books we have available through Destiny.  Students have the username and password; it should be written in their library folder.

We encourage our students to read for a minimum of one hour (some of it is done at school) per day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and to read a wide variety of genres.  They have a purple genre sheet to help them remember the different types!

All reading counts. Try listening to books on CD as you travel; give students travel brochures and have them read and plan a trip; visit different libraries and bookstores; read a book as a family at the dinner table and discuss it; compare a book to its movie; and let your students see you reading


Look at Destiny for a chance to see the new electronic books we have purchased with the help of our wonderful OMIS PTO. Students should know the username and password; we had them write it in their library folders during orientation. You can access these books through any device that connects to the Internet. You are reading online, not downloading.


Reading suggestions:

Find books you like and spend an hour reading each day. Break it up into small chunks if you don't like to be still too long. On the weekends and vacations, try reading 15-20 minutes when you wake up, 15-20 minutes after lunch, and 15-20 minutes before you go to sleep. Visit the Public Library or a local bookstore to see what's new.

Please encourage your student to use Destiny to help locate books on their level that they will enjoy.

Read EVERY day! Be sure that you are reading a MINIMUM of SIXTY minutes each and every single day.

Students may get a pass from the teacher on duty in their hall to visit the LMC before school starts in the mornings. Students return to their classroom at 7:45 so they are in place for morning announcements. Students can use this time to check out or return books, or simply to read.

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