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Counseling Center


LaTesha Gardner

Students spend time once monthly in Life Skills classes throughout each nine weeks. In these classes the counselor spends time discussing topics such as suicide awareness, teen depression, careers, making good life choices, building character, improving self-esteem, motivating responsibility and maintaining a positive culture and climate among the family at Success. The counselor also works with each group to provide students the tools necessary to resolve personal problems. The counselor is also available for small group and individual counseling sessions in which students can discuss any personal issues that may be affecting their school work as well as their lives outside of the school setting. The counselor also works with individuals in regard to their academic, social, emotional and personals concerns. The counselor stresses the importance of students gaining the tools needed to make good decisions and to begin learning the importance of being a self-advocate in preparation for the world outside of high school. Other topics covered in counseling sessions include: relationships, anger management, families, self- confidence and self-esteem. The counselor provides an open mind and an open ear for students who have often felt that no one listens or cares.

Counselor responsibilities for students in the Success Program include but are not limited to the following:

  • Determination of eligibility for program
  • Determination of students who will be accepted in the program
  • Serving as liaison between home schools and program
  • Coordinating and determining appropriate Career Technical placement
  • Placement of students in appropriate academic classes/changing schedules
  • Monitoring of individual student academic progress
  • Management of transcript, recording of grades and reporting to high schools
  • Conferencing with other teachers to help meet student needs
  • Providing counseling for students
  • Conferencing with parents in regard to student progress, attendance and discipline issues
  • Assisting with general orientation to program, policies, rules and procedures
  • Coordinating and administering state mandated assessments.
  • Assisting students in accepting responsibility for decisions
  • Interviewing students/parents for possible placement in the program

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