Central Office Contacts

Name Phone Email Address
John Gwin
Assistant Superintendent of Finance, CSFO
Treasury, Financial Statement, Public Records Requests
(205) 682-7313 jgwin@shelbyed.org
Joann Gates
Coordinator of Finance and Accounting
Debt Service, Finance
(205) 682-7026 jgates@shelbyed.org
Lacey Brackner Motes
Supervisor of Accounting and Finance
Budget, Grants
(205) 682-7036 lbrackner@shelbyed.org
Stan Brown
Payroll Supervisor
Payroll, Employment Verifications for banks and mortgage lenders
(205) 682-7021 j2brown@shelbyed.org
Bethany Hutton
Staff Accountant
(205) 682-7024 bhutton@shelbyed.org
Lynne Hanson
Staff Accountant
(205) 682-7023 lhanson@shelbyed.org
Amy Deweese
Staff Accountant
Instruction Department Accounts Payable
(205) 682-7037 adeweese@shelbyed.org
Evelyn Kuuan
Accounting Assistant
Operations Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable
(205) 682-7031 ekuuan@shelbyed.org
Jan McClaney
Accounting Assistant
(205) 682-7029 jmcclaney@shelbyed.org
Tracy Bentley
Accounting Assistant
Inventory, Construction
(205) 682-7041 tbentley@shelbyed.org
Janet Howell
Accounting Assistant
(205) 682-7313 j2howell@shelbyed.org
Amy Goodwin
Field Auditor
Bids, Leasing
(205) 682-7040 a2goodwin@shelbyed.org
Charlon Couch
Field Auditor
Middle, High School Accounting
(205) 682-7034 ccouch@shelbyed.org
Brenda Rimmer
Field Auditor
School Accounting
(205) 682-7039 brimmer@shelbyed.org

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