About i.am21


To define, identify, and provide support and modeling for 21st Century classrooms throughout Shelby County

Committee Members

  • Facilitators: Lauren Woolley, Dr. Lewis Brooks
  • Scribe: Angie Clark
  • Members:
    • Dr. Leah Anne Wood
    • Dawn Cabrera
    • Lynn Carroll
    • Dana Payne
    • Tracy Champion
    • Lee Hall
    • Tracie Davis

21st Century Classroom System-wide Strategies

  1. Identify examples of effective 21st Century teaching/learning in elementary, middle, and high school classrooms.
  2. Identify technologies (hardware and software resources) that support 21st Century teaching and learning in elementary, middle and high school classrooms.
  3. Complete and maintain 21st Century classroom technology profiles in order to identify the system’s progress in transforming the classroom environment.
  4. Identify and expand professional development in the area of 21st Century technology and teaching pedagogies.
  5. Inform and educate all levels of administrators regarding 21st Century teaching and learning.
  6. Explore and prepare for funding of the expansion of 21st Century Classrooms throughout the system.