Adopt A Class

Chelsea Park Elementary PTO offers “Adopt-a-Class” at the beginning of each school year. Teachers are responsible for providing a lot of their own classroom resources from books and bins to paying for copies! As you can imagine, this adds up quickly. It takes $100 to “Adopt” each classroom.


Adopt A Hornet

Many parents and family members want to sponsor their child’s teacher, but cannot donate as much as a business. We created the Adopt-a-Hornet program to allow more people to help sponsor classrooms. In the lunchroom, we have the CPES Hornet’s nest and we have all the “adopted” hornets surrounding it. For $50, you can adopt a hornet and have your child’s name or family name printed on the hornet that will be put on display. If you have already paid the $25 suggested donation for your child’s homeroom, you can get a hornet for just an additional $25. 100% of this money goes directly to your child’s class! If you choose, you may also adopt a hornet to sponsor a specific department within the school, such as, ESL, GRC, Music, P.E., Art, Library, Reading, or Guidance.


Join the PTO!

The PTO (Parent Teacher Organization) at CPES is made up of parents and teachers who want to work together to make a difference in the school and community. The number one reason to join PTO at CPES is to support your school and your students. This PTO is dedicated to making CPES the best environment for educating students that it can be. The goal is to enrich our children’s elementary school experience through support of the teachers, parents, community members and children. We work to strengthen CPES by hosting events, facilitating communication, volunteering time, and by raising funds to support the school’s educational activities. Email Cpespto2