ELECTIVES Exploratory Wheel:

(4 courses each lasting 9-weeks)

Visual Arts 6: The exploratory 9-week course is a basic, introductory course designed to introduce students to the elements and principles of design with a variety of media and techniques, and to develop the student’s abilities to make critical judgments about elements of art and to understand and appreciate the influences of art from other times and cultures. Art students explore and experiment to create two-dimensional works of art. Student use their observation skills to create original art using paint, colored pencils, markers, etc. Students will demonstrate the use of specialized terminology and reflect on their personal, sensory, emotional, and intellectual responses to works of art.

Science & Technology PLTW 6: PLTW In this 9-week class, students will work with VEX IQ kits to design robots that will perform simple tasks. Students will learn how to work as a team to design, build and tests their robots against each other. It is a chance for students to use their creativity and critical thinking skills to problem solve. This is an introduction to the Project Lead the Way science and technology curriculum.

Music Appreciation 6: This 9-week class presents the introductory skills for vocal music. Students in this exploratory are provided opportunities for singing; performing on instruments; reading and notating; listening making informed musical judgments; understanding relationships between music and other academic disciplines; understanding historical and cultural heritages; demonstrating proper audience and performer etiquette.

FACS Exploration 6: FACS Exploration is offered to Grade 6 as a preview of Teen Discoveries and Teen Connections. It is offered as a nine-week class in the elective rotation at CHMS. Emphasis is placed on understanding the physical, intellectual, emotional, and social development of teenagers. Course content provides opportunities for students to explore decision making, problem solving, and goal setting; development of manners, grooming habits, and character education; social and communication skills; interpersonal relationships with family members, friends, and peers; family roles and responsibilities; peer pressure; clothing selection and care; baby-sitting; food choice, food preparation and development of health and wellness habits; technology; and career awareness.