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Healthcare Science

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Summary of Program

  • A: 
    • Foundations of Healthcare: An overall review of the human body, healthcare systems, and employability skills
    • Emergency Services: An overview of Emergency Medical Services; incorporating knowledge from Foundations.
    • Emergency Medical Technician: An in-depth look at EMS with knowledge of the human body; diseases and disorders of the human body as well as treatments that are provided pre-hospital; trauma; mental well-being of the EMT; and operations of EMS.

Q: What are the prerequisite skills needed to begin in the program, if any:

A: A student must have an interest in any aspect of healthcare to enter Foundations; a strong work ethic; and ability to work as a team member.

Q: What credentials or certificates can be obtained in a 1, 2, and 3 year period in the program:

A: 1st year students will obtain BLS Healthcare Provider (CPR) and OSHA 10 hour Certification; 2nd and/or 3rd year students, if seniors, have the potential to obtain Emergency Medical Technician Basic certification and licensure after graduation and turning 18; they can also become BLS Healthcare Provider Instructors (CPR Instructors) Certified. The Basic certification and licensure as well as the BLS Instructor certification will allow the student to go to work soon after graduation. Basic will allow them many opportunities from private ambulance service to fire department careers while helping their communities.

Q: What post-secondary options are available:

A: There are several Emergency Medical Technician programs throughout the state that will allow the students to further their education and skill abilities to advanced EMT and Paramedic. They can even go to school to become a registered nurse in a shorter amount of time if they obtain their Paramedic license.

Q: Where to go find more information:

A: Work: (205)682-6573;  Email: 


M. Campbell

Marcy Campbell

  • RN, BLS instructor, ACLS, NRP, AWHONN, Disaster and HazMat first responder

Work Experience

  • 10 years registered nurse at Shelby Baptist Medical Center, Women’s Center, and PACU

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