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Elective Cycle

During your elective time, you could take band or choir. If music isn’t your style, you could choose to take the elective cycle. It consists of:

Spanish: A 9 week course where students are exposed to the basic principles of the Spanish language and culture. It is a fun-filled learning experience.

Art: Exploratory Art is a nine week course that allows sixth grade students to learn about the elements and principals of art and design. Students will participate in regular studio projects and lectures regarding various art mediums and artists. Over the nine weeks, students will study color theory, composition, and art history through drawing, painting, and printmaking.

Keyboarding: Keyboarding is a 9-week course designed to help students master the touch method of keyboarding. Students will be required to complete specific lessons daily and reach and maintain a set speed. In addition to the touch method, students will also learn about the basics of computer equipment and software and also create and format business and academic documents.

Family and Consumer Sciences: Family and Consumer Sciences is a 9 week course designed to introduce students to the family and consumer science curriculum. Students will complete cooking lessons, genealogy lessons, and team building activities. Elective Cycle

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updated 01-24-2020