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HMS 6th graders working Breakouts
HMS 6th graders working Breakouts

Husky Camp Instructions

Helena Middle School is excited to invite your child to Camp Husky on July 29! Camp Husky is designed to give your child an opportunity to see the inside of the building, walk their schedule, see some of their teachers, go to their locker, and give you an opportunity to see how the car rider line will function at the end of the school day. Here are some reminders for attending Camp Husky:

  • To ensure proper social distancing is able to take place during Camp Husky, we will be limiting the number of students in the building at one time and have assigned times your child will be able to enter the building based on last name.
  • We please ask that your child wear a mask when they enter the building. Exceptions will be for a child who cannot wear a mask due to a medical condition.
  • If you are not able to go during the time listed, please email our Assistant Principal, Mr. Henry Long, at  and he will work with you to schedule a different time slot on July 29.
  • To maintain social distancing, we ask that only students come in the building during their time slot.

The assigned times that students will be able to enter the building are as follows:

Last Name Time
Adair - Buff 9:00-9:20 AM
Buie - Ethridge 9:30-9:50 AM
Evans - Hester 10:00-10:20 AM
Hibbs - Massone 10:30-10:50 AM
Mathers - Ray 11:00-11:20 AM
Reed - Tarwater 11:30-11:50 AM
Taylor - Zuk 12:00-12:20 PM

Instructions for Entering the Building

Parents or guardians will drop their child off at the main entrance in the front of the building. After dropping your child off, you will pull around to the back of the building and wait for them to exit by the doors to the gym. Please do not park in the parking spaces in the front or back of the school. When you drive to the back of the school, pull through the car rider line and someone will direct you where to go.

updated 07-21-2020