Subjects You'll Take!

Earth Science:

Students will build a working vocabulary and critical thinking skills for use as they investigate topics involving global patterns of atmospheric movement, factors that change Earth’s surface over time, cycles of Earth, Earth’s biomes, Earth’s rotation, tilt and distance from the equator, and relationships among the components of the universe.

Language Arts:

The Language Arts 6th grade course is comprised of reading, language development, writing, listening, speaking, viewing skills; and study skills based on Common Core Readiness Standards. Students will apply reading and comprehension strategies, interpret literary elements and devices, recognize the use of text elements, analyze the text read and identify the author’s purpose.


The course will challenge and support the development of the student’s mathematical understanding and application of numbers and operations. Algebra, Geometry, measurement, data analysis, and probability. Instruction focuses on problem solving, estimation, and computational fluency of decimals, fractions, percents and proportions. It is based on Common Core Readiness Standards.

Social Studies:

Social Studies 6 is the study of the United States from late 1800s until the present. This course moves through the industrialization of America, and continues the development of our modern society through the study of the societal changes, economy, politics and shifting geography of the twentieth century.

Study Skills

About Study Hall
(7th Period)

  • Seventh Period: 2:20 – 3:00
  • ALL students will have a study hall during the last class of the day
  • This is a time to do your homework, study for tests or ask your teacher for help
  • Take advantage of this time and you’re guaranteed to succeed!!