Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a dress code?

Yes, check the Shelby County Code of Conduct for the dress code at CMS. Generally, make sure your appearance and clothing do not interfere with learning.

Do older kids pick on you?

6th grade students have electives, PE, and lunch with other 6th graders so there is little interaction with 7th and 8th graders.

What if I have a problem?

You can always speak with a teacher or ask to speak to the counselor.

Can I stay after school or come early?

Doors open at 7:15 AM and 6th graders meet in the gym. You may also eat breakfast at this time. You can only stay after school for a club or team meeting or detention.

What happens if I miss class?

You must ask your teachers for your make up work and turn it in within 3 school days. You must also bring an excuse and turn it into the excuse box on the 6th grade hallway.

What if I get sick/need medicine?

Ask your teacher to go to the school nurse. Medications from your parents must be dispensed by the nurse. You cannot bring medicine to school and take it on your own.

The most important thing - LUNCH!

You will go to lunch with a class. Pay with your personal lunch number. Don’t forget to keep money in your account. You cannot charge a lunch. Lunch money is turned in as you go through the lunch line.

What about my locker?

You’ll get a locker during Eagle Camp or the first week of school. You must put your backpack in the locker every day. You may want to get a combination lock to practice this summer but the lockers will have locks built in. Watch a video on how to open one.

What supplies do I need?

Check the CMS website for the 6th grade supply lists. Remember to get extra pens and paper. You may want to keep them in your locker.

About Class Schedules

  • Number of Classes: 7 classes per day
  • Academic Classes: 4 academic classes – ELA, Science, Math, and Social Studies
  • Elective: one class per day
  • Physical Education: one class per day
  • Grading Periods: four nine weeks/progress reports every 4 ½ wee