Transcript Ordering

Chelsea High School understands the importance of providing our students with effective and efficient transcript services. Your new career, entrance to Graduate School, professional certification, or other important events depend on the prompt and secure delivery of your transcript and we want to keep you informed of order and delivery status. We also understand the need to protect the privacy of your transcript and our obligations under Federal law. The instructions that follow will enable you to request your transcript for delivery as quickly and efficiently as possible

Ordering Transcript by Written Request

Transcript requests may be initiated by downloading and completing a Transcript Request Form. Completed and signed forms may be:

  1. Mailed Request:
    • Mailed to the attention of: CHHS - Registrar
    • 10510 Hwy. 11
    • Chelsea, AL 35043
    • Cost - $5.00
  2. Dropped off Request:
    • Chelsea High School
    • 10510 Hwy. 11
    • Chelsea Alabama 35043
    • Cost - $5.00

Costs and Payment Options

Written requests must include a check payable to CHHS (checks must include working phone number) or cash paid in person.

Delivery of your transcript

  • During the order you will be instructed to identify the recipient of your transcript.
  • CHHS recommends electronic delivery for your transcript if applicable. Transcripts are delivered as PDF documents through a secure web application.
  • Electronic delivery is possible through our established network of more than 1,800 certified receivers or to any individual if you provide us with their email address.
  • If your transcript cannot be delivered electronically it will be sent by U.S. first class mail. 

Other Important Information

  • Transcripts will not be processed on behalf of students who have any financial obligation or other types of holds to the school.
  • Former students and alumni may only request official transcripts.

updated 12-2-19