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Instructional Leaders & Staff

Faculty and Staff Listing

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Adminstration / Adminstration Support Leadership

Name Leadership Position
Jeff Norris Principal
Kara Burleson Assistant Principal
Clarinda Cipriano Registrar
Flo Dassau Bookkeeper/Officer Manager
Patty King Secretary
Christy Moore, RN Nurse
Shelly Johnson 2nd Grade Counselor
Shelly Mitchell K - 1st Grade Counselor

Instructional Leaders

Name Area of Instruction
Brandi Abernathy Second Grade Instructor
Stephanie Allen First Grade Instructor
Betty Ansley Second Grade Instructor
Ashley Belew Physical Education Instructor
Janie Blackstone ELL
Amanda Brown Kindergarten Instructor
Christin Brown First Grade Instructor
LeShaun Brown Second Grade Instructor (Brown Blog)
Andrea Burk Hitch Kindergarten Instructor
Emily Callaway Kindergarten Instructor
Pam Clay Second Grade Instructor
Lindsey Dachelet Resource Teacher
Shelly Daley Second Grade Instructor
Jacie Davidson Kindergarten Instructor
Angela Duke Music Instructor
Ann Esslinger First Grade Instructors
Allison Festavan Special Education Teacher
Carolyn Fort Speech Therapist and Special Education
Amanda Gibbs Special Education Teacher
Shannon Glenn Resource Teacher
Michelle Griswold Gifted Resource Teacher & Child Find
Aimee Hackney Special Education Teacher
Katy Haley Kindergarten Instructor
Meghan Handley First Grade Instructor
Melanie Henderson Kindergarten Instructor
Brandy Henderson Second Grade Instructor
Jamie Ruth Hitch Kindergarten Instructor
Jan Hughey Kindergarten Instructor
Clarenda Jackson Second Grade Instructor
Melissa Jarrell Kindergarten Instructor
Leah Jordan First Grade Instructor
Larkin Kimble Kindergarten Instuctor
Dutcha Lawson Media Center Specialist (Library Media Center)
Dana Ling First Grade Instructor
Kim McCown  Kindergarten Instructor
Tammie Moore Second Grade Instructor
Lidija Nikolic First Grade Instructor
Sabrina Nolen Kindergarten Instructor
Sarah Poorian Kindergarten Instructor
Heather Posey Second Grade Instructor
Toni Redding First Grade Instructor
Patrick Riley Kindergarten Instructor
Jennifer Sellers First Grade Instructor
Olivia Serritelli First Grade Instructor
Jenni Shackelford First Grade Instructor
Adam Short Art Instructor
Laura Sokol Second Grade Instructor
Sarah Stainback Kindergarten Instructor
Julie Stephens First Grade Instructor
Misty Stephens First Grade Instructor
Amy Sullivan Physical Education Instructor
Lindsay Talley Second Grade Instructor
Kristin Underwood First Grade Instructor
Lisa Winter Second Grade Instructor
Wendy Woods Second Grade Instructor

Support Leaders

Name Area of Support
Cathy Brannon Child Nutrition
Laura Brashear Housekeeping
Garry Carlisle Maintenance Technician
Amanda Contorno Child Nutrition
Susan Curtis Paraprofessional
Marion Ferguson Paraprofessional
Val Garner Child Nutrition Assistant Manager
Angela Johnson Computer Lab Aide Computer Lab Site
April Kuhlmann Child Nutrition
Jennifer Lamoureux Child Nutrition Manager
Cassey Latimer Paraprofessional
Ray Lewis Housekeeping
Mina Morris Paraprofessional
Anita Oliver Paraprofessional
Jennifer Owen Physical Education Paraprofessional
Christina Register Child Nutrition
Branda Stovall Paraprofessional
Dessie Tkacik Paraprofessional
Tiffany Wehby Paraprofessional
Daniel Wooley Housekeeping

updated 9-9-19