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Parent Questions and Answers

What is teaming? Teaming is a group of teachers that your child will work with during the year. Because a group of teachers has the same kids, this allows for greater flexibility in scheduling and grouping. It also allows teachers to assist students in a personalized way.

How do I register my child? 5th graders will be given forms to choose their electives. They will also be given enrollment forms to turn in. Parents can pay fees at Pre-Registration or at Summer Registration. Students should be given their schedules at Summer Registration. If your child is not from HIS, you will need to make an appointment to register your child during the summer.

How are parent/teacher conferences held? Parent conferences are held with the team of teachers (all of your child's academic teachers). Please email one of the teachers to set up an appointment. These conferences typically take place during school hours.

If my child is struggling, who do I contact? First of all, contact the teacher. If your child does not let the teacher know he/she is struggling, it is difficult to help. You can also contact the counselor. She has contacts for tutors and can give you information about testing, scheduling, and working with your child on improving his or her study skills.

How do I check out or excuse an absence? Check outs: The person checking the student out comes to the front office and presents a picture ID. Once his or her identity is verified, the person checking the student out will sign the Check out log and give the reason for checking out. Excuses: A signed note from a parent or doctor must be received in the attendance office no later than 3 days after the student returns. Excuses (and lunch money) are turned in to the first period teacher each morning.

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