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Athletics Department

Athletic Director - Blake Boren

  • Boys' Athletics - 205.682.6489
  • Girls' Athletics - 205.682.6493
  • Boys' Basketball - 205.682.6403

Note - Schedules are linked as soon as they are provided by the coaching staff).

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Baseball - Coach Chris Shelton

Basketball (boys) - Coach Gregory Dickinson

Basketball (girls) - Coach Tena Niven

Cheer - Coach

Cheer Website

Football - Coach Blake Boren

Golf - Coach Kent Underwood

Boys Soccer - Coach Jacob Cooley

Girls Soccer - Coach Jacob Cooley

Softball - Coach Tena Niven

Tennis - Coach Beth House

Track - Coach Kent Underwood

Volleyball - Coach Melissa Baswell

Volleyball Website

Wrestling - Coach

updated 01-17-2020

Quick Links

NFHS Sportsmanship Program

  1. Go to
  2. If you don’t already have an account with NFHS, you will need to create one (free). Prospective players, it is recommended that you use your student email through SCS.
  3. Order the course. You will see a pop-up "this course will be completed by:" select myself
  4. Select state - Alabama. The course is free.
  5. Proceed to Check-out.
  6. Congratulations. You are in the program.
  7. Once completed, print certificate, and submit to your coach.

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