MMS Athletics Department

Athletic Director: Shelia Jett

Our coaching staff is very committed to providing the best experience possible for your child. If you have any questions about a particular sport, use the email addresses provided to contact the head coach or call the school directly. OFFICE – 682-6410/ Athletic Director – 682-6419

Athletic Director - Sheila Jett

Assistant AD:  Brandon Horton


Head Coach - Hilary Whitson

Asst. Head Coach - Angie Stewart

Volunteer Coaches - Donnie Douglas, Brandon Grahm, and  Mike Swords

[Spring 2020 Printable Schedule]


8th Grade Boys' Head Coach:  Maury Grayson

Asst. Head Coach - Matt Williams

Girls' Head Coach:  Sheila Jett - BLOG

Asst. Coach: Carolyn Nelson

[Winter 2019 printable schedule]


Co-Head Coaches: T. Jackson

Cross Country

Head Coach: Betsy Moore

[ Fall 2019 printable schedule]


Co-Head Coach: Brandon Horton

Co-Head Coach: Maury Grayson

Asst. Coach: Angie Stewart

Asst. Coach: Shahalani Gilbert

Asst. Coach: Anitra Stallworth

William Taylor -
  Football Website 

[2019-20 Printable Football Schedule]


Head Coach: Anitra Stallworth

[Spring 2020 Printable Schedule]


Boys and Girls Head Coach: Virginia Thomas and Ashley Davis

 Soccer Website 

2019-20 Printable Schedule


Coach: S. Gilbert; Asst. A. Stallworth

Spring 2020 Printable Schedule


Coach: S. Jett

[Spring 2020 printable schedule]


Head Boys Coach:  Brandon Horton

Head Girls Coach: Betsy Moore

[Spring 2020 printable schedule]


Head Coach:  Sheila Jett

Asst. Coach: Shahalani Gilbert

 Volleyball Website 
[2019-20 printable schedule]


Head Coach:  William (Jason) Taylor

[printable schedule]

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