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About OMES

Leader in Me school Oak Mountain Elementary School opened in the Fall of 1990 as a K-5 school. At that time, it was built to accommodate the overflow of children from Inverness Elementary School and Valley Elementary School. By 1995, Oak Mountain Elementary had grown so rapidly that a new school had to be built. This new school became Oak Mountain Intermediate. Oak Mountain Elementary became a K-3 elementary school and a feeder school for Oak Mountain Intermediate which houses 4th and 5th grade students. Eventually a middle and high school were built to fit the needs of the growing community. Now, students transition through Oak Mountain Middle School and Oak Mountain High School. The Oak Mountain schools offer strong community support, enriching curriculum and innovating teaching. Oak Mountain Elementary is a Leader in Me school.

Continuous School Improvement Plan

Our continuous school improvement plan highlights our instructional data and outlines our goals for each academic year.

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