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Leader In Me

Leader in Me provides elementary schools with a model and process that addresses common challenges that are unique to students during these formative years. Parents, educators, and school administrators are concerned with their child's physical, mental, social, and economic well-being, all of which are factors that can contribute to or hinder academic success. Teachers, staff, and administrators at Leader in Me Schools are empowered to provide support in all of these areas by creating a learning environment that addresses whole-child education with five (5) Core Paradigms. These paradigms influence the behavior of staff, students, and their families.

  • Everyone can be a leader Not This: Leadership is for the few
  • Everyone has genius Not This: A few people are gifted
  • Change starts with me Not This: To improve schools, the system needs to change first
  • Educators empower students to lead their own learning Not This: Educators control and direct student learning
  • Develop the whole person Not This: Focus solely on academic achievement

At Oak Mountain Elementary School, we want our school to be filled with students who are responsible, creative, goal-oriented, problem-solving leaders. We believe through The Leader in Me process, this will happen! We look forward to our journey as a The Leader in Me school!

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