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SCHS General Information

Working Wildcats Clothes Closet - Students helping students.These students are serving their community while also learning amazing job and life skills.

Shelby County High Peer Helpers - NAPPP Peer helping programs provide peers with training to offer a variety of services to other students, aided by supervision provided by trained peer program professionals. Watch our video to learn more.

High School Academic Guide for Shelby County Schools - This publication is designed as a guide for parents, students, counselors, and teachers to assist in planning high school courses and graduation. Included are course requirements, graduation requirements, and other course information.


Summer 2022 Reading

  • Pre-AP English 9
  • Pre-AP English 10
  • AP Language 11

Other Helpful Things for Students and Parents:


Bell Schedule

[printable bell schedule]

Time Period
7:45 A.M. First Bell
7:50 A.M. - 8:41 A.M. (51) (Ann.) 1st Period
8:45 A.M. - 9:35 A.M. (50) 2nd Period
9:39 A.M. - 10:29 A.M. (50) 3rd Period
10:33 A.M. - 11:23 A.M. (50) 4th Period
11:27 A.M. - 12:38 P.M. 5th Period
A Lunch 11:23-11:48 (25)  
B Lunch 11:48-12:13 (25)  
C Lunch 12:13-12:38 (25)  
12:42 P.M. - 1:32 P.M. (50) 6th Period
1:36 P.M. - 2:06 P.M. (30) Mini-X 7th Period
2:10 P.M. - 3:00 P.M. (50) 8th Period

Student Parking Information

Parents of students wishing to participate in the Parking Privileges Program will need to bring a signed copy of the Acknowledgement Concerning Use of Student Parking Lots form with the required Proofs of Residence. Please visit the office to obtain a copy of the Acknowledgement Concerning Use of Student Parking form