Bell Schedule

Period Time
0 Period 7:45-8:15
1st Period  8:15-9:05
2nd Period  9:08-9:56
3rd Period  9:59-10:47
4th Period (includes Lunch) 10:50-12:02
5th Period  12:05 – 12:35
6th Period 12:38-1:26
7th Period  1:29-2:25
Dismissal 2:35
(Planning) Eighth Period 2:35-3:15

Students who are not present in school by 7:45a.m. must check-in at the attendance office and then proceed through search. Students who check in after 8:15a.m. must provide an excusable absence (doctor's note, parent's note, etc.) upon check-in. Any student who arrives after 8:15a.m. with no note will have parent/guardian contacted by school attendance personnel.

updated 7-23-18