Sites Requiring Online Student Accounts - Permission & Restrictions

Due to the COPPA law, many websites require users under the age of 13, and sometimes under the age of 18, to obtain their parent's permission before creating an individual online account. The sites listed below require such permission. Depending on the site, the Terms of Use generally may ask that the permission come in the form of signed forms, credit cards, etc. Because many sites have great educational value and because asking parents to repeatedly submit permission forms is burdensome, the Shelby County Schools' Student Code of Conduct now contains a provision for school administrators to authorize the use of certain sites without each student obtaining parental permission. Teachers may request that additional sites be added by completing this form Request Form .

Parents who do not want their child to set up an account on any of the following sites, must notify the school in writing. Generally, students will only set up accounts when directed to do so by their teacher or because they find the site useful in completing a school assignment.

Teachers and parents should note that some sites do not allow children under the age of 13 to create accounts regardless of parental permission

Reviewed and Approved Sites

Sites Suggested
Site Usage
Age Restrictions Privacy Policy
Anchor Podcast option For students over the age of 13.
Animoto Make Great Videos easily 13+  (No students under 13, unless teacher creates account)
AncestryK12 Research ancestry, access to primary sources (old newspapers, military records, etc.) Must have written permission from parents for students 18 to 13 years of age. No one under 13 may use the site. Privacy Policy link: great website for engaging reluctant readers Teachers should create an educator account and class. Student accounts should be made in the teacher's class. Student usernames should be first name + first initial of last name. Individual student accounts should not be created, only as part of a class with the teacher educator account.
Booksource Classroom Classroom library organization Student accounts are not created. The teacher makes the account and then adds students. Use First name and Last initial only for student accounts.
Animoto for Education Video creation Age 13+ only
Teacher must create accounts (Paid teacher version) Reading and Math Ages: 3+ Privacy: Brainstorming made simple All https//
CalculationNation Math and Geometry Games and Contests All Privacy:
Canva Graphic Design, new way made simple All Ages
Class Dojo Way to encourage students to share best moments with parents All ages*
*Teachers should not display individual student rankings to the entire class, only groups. Teachers should use this to reward and encourage good behavior and participation in accordance with Positive Behavior Supports. Students way of learning Computer Science Any An hour of Code Age 13+ Recommend parent approval
Privacy Policy Collaborating Ideas All
CommonLit Reading - Fiction & Non-Fiction Grade 5 - 12 Computer Science step-by-step Any  - Computer Science Student Network
Desmos Online Graphing Math Middle & High Privacy:
Digital Passport/Common Sense Media Digital Citizenship Ages: Grades 3+ Privacy Link:
DuoLingo Learning a new Language All Ages Note all work submitted may be used or shared by DuoLingo. The terms caution users not to use DuoLingo to translate confidential information.
Easy Bib EDU EasyBib EDU is a powerful citation and research management tool High School only Privacy Policy
Edmodo Great way to Track Students Learning Progress Any Privacy Policy
Edpuzzle Add personal touch to making videos, and teachers can track students understanding Any age - must be Invited by their teacher to join Users should always click box that prohibits site from using account for marketing.
EduClipper Collaborating work with other teachers and with students Any  
EduCreations Share video lessons, built for digital classroom All Ages.
If you are a student, please do not send any Children's Personal Information about yourself to us, other than what we request from you when you sign up for the Service.
Emaze Online presentation software, will create slideshows, video, and 3D presentations No restrictions
Epic! Online books Ages K-5, Teachers create accounts for students Privacy:
Flipgrid collaborating with teachers and students using a video platform    Privacy Policy -   All Students
Teacher must create account
Purpose: Quizzes on different subjects. Earn free rice for hungry people around the world.
Teacher Directions:
Freckle (formerly) Front Row Math and ELA All Ages Privacy Link:
Gamestar Mechanic Learning to Design Video games All Ages
Under 13, teacher should create class account
Glogster EDU Creating multimedia Posters, Great digital storytelling Any
Google Access Google email, apps Shelby Google Apps for Education accounts only
GroupMe Group messaging, share photos- Works with any device 13+ years of age
Teachers should have students sign a consent form which notifies them that all text message charges are their responsibility and affirms that they have their parent's permission for the app to be used.
How the Market Works Purpose: Understanding the Stock Market, Financial Literacy, and Math Grades 4 - 12 Privacy:
Notes: Teacher must set up student accounts. The teacher must opt out of getting solicitations and should not use their social media accounts or student email accounts when setting up their classes. History, Timelines, etc. Age: All Students under 13 must use unidentifiable usernames for accounts
Kakooma Math Math Games All Ages Students should be careful to opt OUT of any check boxes which might subject them to advertising within the program.
Kahoot Class activities All Ages but student should use pseudonyms Terms:
Khan Academy Online learning what you choose and at your own pace- Math, History, Computer Science, test prep, Economics and finance, art, etc. All* May use freely if no individual student accounts are created. If individual students accounts are wanted, then the teacher must establish those accounts for students. (Parents may also individually authorize their children to create accounts if they wish.)
Kid Blog Safe & Simple Blogs for Students Any, but teacher must create the account and then add student accounts
Kodable Learn computer coding K-5
Teachers must create accounts for students.
LearnZillion Cloud-based curriculum Any, provided teacher or school admin creates the accounts, not the student
Lino Web Browser Collaboration for sharing photos, ideas, discussions 14 and up ONLY
Users should Opt Out of receiving emails.
Users should not use social media accounts to sign up.
LooseCanon Book recommendations/ Reading Grades - All Privacy:
Lyrics2Learn Reading taught with music K-5
Matific Interactive math mini-games All Ages
Memrise Foreign Language Skills 13+ Only Notes: Create a new account, do not use Gmail or Facebook to create an account.
Microsoft Touch Develop Computer programming N/A Privacy:
MinecraftEDU Educational version of the original game, teaches working together and uses the game to teach history, math, art, programming, creative writing, science, music, digital citizenship All Ages
MobyMax Way to build up from the ground up on Common Core Standards All Ages
NewsELA Great way to build reading comprehension with current events Any
NoRedInk Helping to improve grammar and writing skills Grades 5-12 (Now ACT Academy Build assessments and homework for every common core All K-12 Lessons, Games, and Quizzes

Privacy Policy:
Padlet Brainstorming corkboard collaboration tool All Privacy:
Piktochart Infographic creation tool Any, prefer 13+ Privacy:
PlayPosit Site for creating interactive videos using their database of video clips and teacher-made questions placed throughout the video. 6th grade and above, must be 13 years old Privacy:
Powtoon Create animated videos and presentations Grades 8-12 This site does not allow users under the age of 13 even for education accounts. Students should immediately Opt Out of mailing lists in order to avoid receiving promotions via email. Students should not use their private social media accounts to sign in. Student work may be publicly visible.
Prezi Great for Visual Storytelling and conversational presenting 13+ (No students under 13, regardless of parental permission)
Prodigy Curriculum based math website for home and school use to determine students understanding in math concepts and needs presented in a standardized test format. Recommended for 1st-8th grade. Teacher creates the account and then students are under that account.
Quia Create activities, quizzes, calendars, surveys for students and get results Any

Quizlet Teacher Acct.
Study tool that can be used for any device. Flashcards, test, study games All student accounts created to use with class activities should be created as if they are under the age of 13* *Quizlet disables the Facebook/Twitter components on accounts for users under 13. Teachers should have All students enter birth dates that will indicate that the student is 12 or younger. This will require a parent email address. Instruct students to use the teacher's Google email address, not their parent's email address to create the account. Then the teacher should approve each child's account.

Students should NOT use their SCS Google account to sign up.
ReadWorks Purpose: Reading Comprehension of Non-Fiction Grades: Elementary - Middle Privacy:
Reflex Math Purpose: Math Fluency Ages: 7+ Privacy: 
Remind Way to communicate with students and parents- Sending out quick reminders Any Ages
Teachers should have students sign a consent form which notifies them that all text message charges are their responsibility and affirms that they have their parent's permission for the app to be used.
SAS Curriculum Pathways Interactive curriculum resources by grade levels, courses Any Ages Any Age, but teachers must set up account and provide students with code. Students should use their Google Account to sign in.
Scootpad Math & ELA Personalized Learning All Ages Privacy: SCS MoA
Scratch from MIT Program your own interactive stories, games and animations All Ages
SeeSaw.Me Document learning with online creations and portfolios All Ages Privacy Terms:
SkoolBo Fun program to help with reading and math. All Ages
Socrative Student engagement, formative assessment, student feedback All Ages Privacy:
Tackk Engage Students in Collaboration 13+ years of age
TeachMyMonsterToRead To combine technology skills and reading skills. Engaging students with learning games.   Student accounts should be made that are nonidentifying
Tinker Cad 3D design and engineering  Must have permission from parents for students 13 and under. Educators may obtain appropriate consent.
TypingWeb Typing Curriculums, Games and Test All Ages Students to create username and password, but do not have to use email other other personal data to use the site.
Voice Thread Collaborate on images with drawing and voice recordings. All Ages but teacher must create accounts using the K-12 option. Privacy Terms:
Voki Managing classes and lessons 13+ years of age
Great way to keep parents up-to-date; accept homework assignments online All Ages* *Accounts for students under 13 must be created by the teacher, not the student. All student websites, regardless of age, but must be created on education.weebly site, not the general Weebly site which incorporates targeted advertising into its Privacy Policy. All Weebly websites must be for students. Teachers must maintain their websites on our blog server or other Shelby Ed server approved by the Tech. Department.
Education Privacy Policy:

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