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Students will continue to follow their current schedule to the greatest extent possible. Classroom time will focus on intensive time on task. Teachers will primarily use the Shelby County schools’ curriculum maps for both middle and high school students. Teachers will use the Edgenuity software core academic classes. Paper/pencil assignments may also be utilized along with other academic intervention tools for students who need more intensive remediation. Elective courses will be offered either thru the Edgenuity software or base-school teacher assignments.


The area of affective education will focus intensely on success-oriented affective units, such as character education, social skills, life skills, study skills, anger management, self-management, peer skills, group and individual counseling, and an overall emphasis on motivational activities to help with behavior modification. These effective units are designed to provide resources for each student to utilize after completing the New Direction program.


All academic work must be satisfactorily completed on a daily basis. Satisfactory completion is determined by the teacher or administrator. Failure to satisfactorily complete all work as directed will result in loss of points and the possibility of additional days at New Direction.

For more detailed information about New Direction, please refer to the Student-Parent Handbook.