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CES Beginnings

Calera Elementary School was constructed in 1964. Since that time, six additions have been completed, with a remodeled library and two new classrooms as the newest renovation!

In 1996 Calera Elementary School moved from Title I Target Assistance programming to become a Title I School-wide Program. In 2000, Calera Elementary School became an Alabama Reading Initiative Literacy Demonstration Site. In 2006, Calera Elementary School became one of the first Alabama Math, Science and Technology Initiative (AMSTI) schools in Shelby County. Shelby County schools received system-wide accreditation in 2010.

CES Building panoramic shot

Our Vision

Every student a graduate and every graduate prepared for the future.

Our Mission

To build a foundation that inspires learning.

Our Beliefs

  • All students can learn and achieve in a safe, disciplined environment.

  • Parent and community involvement are keys to student success.

  • Teachers and staff support learning by setting high expectations.

  • Teachers use various strategies to meet the individual student needs.

Continuous School Improvement Plan

Our continuous school improvement plan highlights our instructional data and outlines our goals for each academic year.

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