About Us


The Success Program is a dropout prevention program in Shelby County Schools. The program offers students the opportunity to earn high school academic credits and certification in a career/technical program. Students cannot graduate early, but can accelerate in academic courses in an effort to get back on track and graduate with their Kindergarten grade cohort.

The Success Program offers a smaller setting in which students are encouraged and accepted. Our program is one that offers resources such as counseling, life skills, career counseling, and social and emotional tools.

Components of the Program

Academics - Academic classes are taught through the means of a accelerated computer- assisted software program called Edgenuity as well as paper/pencil assignments. Students are provided an individualized program which is designed to meet individual needs. Students work at their own pace while the instructor facilitates. The computerized instruction assists in providing teachers with the ability to work one-on- one with those who are less motivated, as well as those who struggle with meeting particular standards. Students are required to demonstrate progress during every 4 ½ week grading period throughout each nine weeks. It is therefore the responsibility of the students to achieve the academic progress necessary to remain in good standing in the program.

Life Skills - Students spend time each month in life skills classes. In these classes the counselor spends time discussing topics such as social/emotional wellness, decision making, overcoming obstacles, interpersonal skills, and career planning. Our focus is to help students improve their self-esteem and help them transition out of high school.

Career/Technical Education  - Career/technical certification is an essential element of Success. In order to become certified in a career/technical area, each student has a planned sequential course of study that is developed and implemented to best serve the student’s future career goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the chances my child will be accepted to the Success Program?

The annual Success Program enrollment is capped at 100 students; there are approximately 150-200 referrals per year.

How do I get my child into the Success Program?

The student must have completed at least one year of high school, must be at least 17 years old or turn 17 years old during the semester of enrollment into the program and must be behind in his/her Kindergarten cohort. The Success Program is a two-year program. All students entering the program should be able to complete the requirements for graduation in two years.

What happens after the referral has been made?

Once the referral has been received, the counselor will notify the base school counselor if the student is eligible for an interview, and the home school counselor will contact the parent. The Success Program personnel will also attempt to contact the parent to schedule an interview. The student, as well as the parent/guardian, must be in attendance during the interview. After all interviews are completed, the Success Referral Committee will meet and recommend students for enrollment. The base school is notified of the committee’s decision. A letter of acceptance is sent to the student’s parent/guardian. Although most interviews are conducted in the spring, there are circumstances that allow for interviews to be held at other times of the year.

NOTE: The Success Program is a certified academic program. Students are accepted into the program after completing the referral and interview processes. Students can be dismissed from the program for failing to make adequate academic progress, for disciplinary reasons, for excessive attendance/tardy issues, or for referral to New Direction.

What will ensure that my child will remain in the program?

Good attendance, demonstration of responsibility and character, commendable work ethics, punctuality, acceptable academic progress, completion of each academic and technical course with at least a 70, and minimal discipline referrals will ensure student success.

Will my child graduate with a diploma?

To earn a diploma, students must meet all requirements of the Shelby County Board of Education and the Alabama State Board of Education. Success students can participate in commencement ceremonies at their base school.

How do I contact the Success Program?

Main Office (205) 682-6650
Shane Howard, Counselor (205) 682-6574
Marisa Pinchin-Polk, Principal (205) 682-6650