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Shelby County School District Launches New Strategic Plan 

Shelby County Schools has launched a new strategic plan that will provide the roadmap and guide the district’s efforts for the next several years as it seeks to carry out its new vision, mission, and belief statements.

“Empowering and Inspiring Excellence…The Path Forward” is the result of over two years of research, planning, and gathering input from various community partners. The plan was formally approved by the Shelby County Board of Education on September 28.

I am pleased to present the new Strategic Plan for the Shelby County School District,” said Superintendent Lewis Brooks. “The plan is the result of comprehensive research, strategy sessions, and collaboration with our Senior Leadership Team and the District Leadership Cabinet.”

“Most importantly, we held V.O.I.C.E ( Vision, Openness, Insight, Communication, and Engagement ) listening and input sessions with teachers and parents from each of our seven school zones,” Dr. Brooks continued. “Our Strategic Plan was drafted after gathering data and input from our valued community stakeholders who share the same hopes, dreams, and vision for our district that I do.”

The new strategic plan includes new vision, mission, and belief statements that reflect the district’s commitment to strive for excellence as an organization for its students and staff.

The plan itself derives its name from the new mission statement: To empower and inspire our students to achieve academic excellence and make a positive contribution to the world.

The Strategic Plan Commitments will focus on the following areas: Innovation, Leadership Development, Recruitment and Retention, Community Partnerships, and Organizational Commitment. Included within those five areas will be a focus on Communication, Continuous Improvement, Professional Learning, and Fiscal Responsibility which will be applied in all areas.

Read more about the the Strategic Plan by visiting the SCS website.