Applicant Information

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How to Apply

  • Complete the online application and submit all required supporting documents to apply for a position.

  • After completing your application, you can apply for jobs through the “Jobs” tab on the application platform.

  • Once your application is submitted, you can log in anytime to update your information.

  • You can use the same application to apply for multiple positions.

Technical Support

  • For technical support with completing your application, please contact support.

Preliminary Interview | Certified Positions

  • A preliminary interview is a requirement for certified positions. Qualified applicants will be invited to complete the preliminary interview.

  • Apply for a preliminary interview by using the search term "Preliminary Interview" within our application platform and submit your application.


  • Appointment to a position is made by the Board of Education after a candidate has verbally accepted a contract offer, has submitted the required documents, and has passed a criminal background check:

Background Check Instructions

Alabama State Department of Education

  • Step 1: Create an AIM Account

  • Step 2: Complete Background Check Registration in AIM

  • Step 3: Create Fieldprint Account

  • Step 4: Complete authorization forms, schedule appointment, and fee payment

  • Step 5: Report for fingerprint appointment