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Shelby County Schools has a financial system of sound fiscal management and accountability. The finance department strives to provide timely processing of vendor payments as well as to create a culture of teamwork and transparency. This transparency is affirmed through the school system receiving annual audits conducted by the Alabama Department of Examiners of Public Accounts. We continue to receive unmodified opinions. Management is responsible for the system of internal controls. In order to observe and monitor internal controls, management assigns internal auditors to audit local schools on a monthly basis. System-wide financial statements, bank reconcilements, and managerial reports are presented at the Board of Education’s monthly meetings. The Finance Department provides planning, consulting, and assistance to all departments as well as obtaining necessary resources from capital markets in order to meet the system's educational goals and infrastructure needs.

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John Gwin

John Gwin

Assistant Superintendent of Finance, CSFO

JoAnn Gates

JoAnn Gates

Coordinator of Finance & Accounting

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