Inclement Weather & School Closings/Delays

The decision to close, delay or dismiss school is a very important one and is only made after thorough consideration. We realize there is no perfect decision that pleases everyone, and ask that parents keep in mind that our county covers many square miles and weather conditions may vary across our system. However, there are times the Superintendent will make the determination to close, delay or dismiss school as a result of inclement weather after consulting with district leadership, monitoring the latest weather reports from NOAA and the Shelby County EMA.

In situations where inclement weather is expected, parents should initially assume that school will open as usual, but begin monitoring the news outlets and our website for an announcement that the school day may be modified.

If the Superintendent determines that closing school is the appropriate course of action, our Public Relations Supervisor will immediately begin alerting parents and the public using the following notification methods:

  • Media Outlets - Major Local TV & Radio Stations; Shelby County Schools website & Mobile App

  • District Alert Calling System

  • Social Media - Twitter & Facebook

Please note the major media outlets will be notified first, but keep in mind there could always be a delay in getting our information posted or announced. Also, when issuing our phone notification to families of our enrolled students via our District Alert Calling System and the high volume of calls, it is unpredictable as to when all parents will receive the notification. Therefore, parents should not rely solely on receiving a call, but should also monitor the TV media and check our district website and/or mobile app for updated information. In addition, please remember to frequently refresh your browser to obtain the latest posted information.