Child Nutrition Smart Snack

All foods sold at school during the school day must meet Smart Snack nutrition standards. The Smart Snacks in School regulation applies to all foods sold during the school day and on the school campus.

Schools may sell items that are not Smart Snack compliant if an Exempt Fundraiser Form is completed by the school principal prior to the sell of the food items that is not Smart Snack Compliant. The Exemption Form allows the school to sell Food Items that are not Smart Snack compliant 30 times per year.

Smart Snack standards do not apply during non-school days, weekends, off-campus, or after school day sporting events.

What is a Smart Snack: Smart Snack Product Calculator

  1. The first ingredient is fruit, vegetable, dairy, or protein item.

  2. < 200 calories

  3. < 200 mg Sodium

  4. < 35% of calories from fat, < 10% calories from saturated fat, and 0 grams of Trans-fat.

  5. No flavored water for elementary and middle schools.

  6. No more than 20oz portion size of calorie-free water for high schools.

Food items that are Smart Snack Compliant are not limited for sale as Exempt fundraisers, but cannot be sold in competition with reimbursable school meals.