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Professional Development

Select Professional Development below to complete required Confidentiality, REM Process, and ADHD Strategies. When PowerPoint opens, click SLIDESHOW > FROM BEGINNING. Confidentiality Agreement is available through this PowerPoint.


The School-To-Working Program is designed to prepare students for the workplace by providing them with opportunities to explore various industries, gain new job skills, and apply knowledge to real-world situations through Community Based Work Instruction and Job Shadowing. The School-To-Working Program also encompasses School House Granola and Young Adults in Transition programs.

Falcon Flight

Shelby County Schools, Department of Rehabilitation Services, and University of Montevallo Transition Program designed to teach functional life skills and entry-level work skills to special education students and to support their growth into adulthood.

The Growing Place

The mission of The Growing Place is to give young adults with disabilities the skills they need to be productive and independent citizens while helping them build the self-confidence needed to use these skills. At The Growing Place, secondary students with disabilities participate in meaningful and functional activities in the areas of daily living skills, social interactions, and occupational skills that will increase their independence and productivity within their communities

Section 504

Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 guarantees certain rights to people with disabilities. Named for this legislation, a 504 plan is a plan developed at the school level to customize a student's learning environment to meet their specific needs. A 504 plan is intended for children with disabilities who do not need or qualify for special education but could benefit from accommodations and/or specialized help in school. These plans identify accommodations a child with a disability needs to fully participate in the classroom and sets up ways to help the child succeed.

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Sharyn Hillin

Sharyn Hillin

Special Education & 504 Coordinator