Family Resources for Early Literacy

Reading Fluency

Fluency is the ability to read aloud with speed, accuracy, and proper expression (reading sounds smooth and natural).

At Home Activities

  • “Echo Read”- Read a sentence and have your child read the same sentence after you. This gives them practice hearing how a sentence should be read with the right emphasis on words, stopping at the right place, and using the right intonation (the way your voice rises and falls when you speak). Video example 

  • “Just Right Books” - The “five-finger test” is a useful guideline for knowing if a book is right for your child to read. As your child reads, count the number of words he/she cannot read per page. In general, there should be no more than five words that a child struggles with on each page. If you count more, consider reading the book to your child until he/she develops more reading skills.

  •  “Repeated Readings” - Encourage your child to reread favorite books. Repeated reading improves children’s fluency and comprehension. Talk about the book and practice reading with expression. Give the wolf a scary growl or use a squeaky voice for a mouse.

  • “Audio-Assisted Reading” - Have your child do the following:

    • Listen to the story while following along with a paper copy

    • Read out loud along with the audio recording

    • Read the passage without the recording

    • Read and reread until they are reading with expression and proper pauses

  • You can tape your child’s favorite stories and have them listen to you reading. There are also websites that provide free audio books.

  • Scholastic has 15 free nonfiction books. 

  • Storynory  gives parents links to songs, poems, nursery rhymes, myths, and other stories to listen to online or to download.

  • Children’s Books Online  contains audio books that can be downloaded.

  • Check your local library. The Shelby County Library System (Harrison Regional Library) offers access to free digital and audio books with a Shelby County library card and either of the free apps Overdrive or Libby. You can apply for a free library card at any Shelby County Library by visiting the library and providing proof of residence. Your password will be your birth month and birth day (for instance if your birthday is September 9, your password would be 0909)

  • Short Fluency Phrases 

  • Repeated readings of a few phrases help your child develop fluency and proficiency.

  • Practice reading sentences.

Additional Online Resources