Student Services Resources

The role of the Student Services Department is to assist schools, students, and parents in understanding the rules and policies of the school system regarding: enrollment, discipline, state laws, and special activities/sports participation. The following documents and weblinks are provided as a resource to parents and students. If you have any questions or comments regarding any of the information provided, please contact the Student Services office.

Sports and Activities Eligibilities

Shelby County Schools complies with the rules and guidelines set out by the state in determining athletic eligibility. Please refer to the official state website for information at . Additional questions may be addressed to school personnel or Student Services.

Student Records

Students may receive an "unofficial" transcript from their school counselor.  High schools will send official transcripts to colleges upon a written request from students and/or colleges.  Usually each student gets 3 free transcripts.  Additional transcript may be requested but usually there are additional fees.